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Home renovation reality check

Home renovation reality check Home makeover shows give you the impression you can transform your house in a few short weeks. MoneySense shows you why real renovations are nothing like what you see on TV—and what you really need to know to pull off a successful remodeling. Home renovation shows tend to [...]

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DXV Inspiration | Classic Renaissance

Corey Damen Jenkins CLASSIC RENAISSANCE “Florence being a destination really mirrors what I tried to achieve for DXV. I want every space to feel like a destination.” – Corey Damen Jenkins It’s timeless, it’s classic, it has no expiration date. I don’t want to have any expiration dates on what I do. Florence Taking its [...]

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DXV Inspiration

ALISON HABERMEHL Alison Habermehl is the principal at Habermehl Design Group in Ontario and editor of the blog HD Stylestudio. Her creative upbringing and sense of social responsibility has led to award-winning projects around the globe. This penthouse en suite is for a creative woman whose daytime life often rolls into the nighttime social. [...]

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